Thursday, April 17, 2014

Gateway Brass Performance on campus

I just got this email from Dr. Lindahl today. The brass talked about this a couple months ago, but I thought nothing had come from it. Imagine my surprise yesterday when I found out this group was coming to CMU. Here is the email from Dr. Lindahl:

"Brass Guys,
As we discussed quite a while ago in Brass Quintet, we’re having the community brass ensemble from Clare come and perform here in room 156 on April 28.  We have several CMU students and alumni who play with this group. It will be a combination performance/clinic/discussion for our students and Michael has asked that the brass profs provide some comments immediately after the Gateway Brass performance for the group.  So here is the plan

Monday April 28 – Room 156
7:30 - Gateway Brass Performs about 30 min.
8:00 - CMU Brass Faculty feedback re the performance
8:15 - Michael Wright Q/A (he will talk briefly about being an educator for a public school and participating in community music organizations, then answer any questions)
8:30 - massed brass piece or two (he want one of us to do the conducting – maybe we can find two pieces to play at the end)

Can you inform your studios about this? ...
Thanks, Bob"

I am not requiring you to be there since this is such a late notice. But if can clear your schedules out an come, that would be GREAT. I, too, am going to have to move some items around so I can (hopefully) be there.

Dr. Cox

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Studio class for 4/8 and 4/10

Good morning, everyone.

We find ourselves in an odd situation for studio classes this week. For today (Tuesday), we have no room, so have you have 11:00 am free. As to Thursday, I thought we had a room, but it does not show up on the master schedule. Added into it, I have a faculty meeting during that time. AND, there is a horn masterclass going on in Staples at that time. Here is the email from Dr. Bonnell:

"Mirror Image - (Michelle Stebelton of Florida State University and Lisa Bontrager of Penn State University) will give a performance and master class from 11-1 in Staples Family Recital Hall this Thursday, April 10th. I know that we have a faculty meeting scheduled at that time, but I wanted to write and encourage you to attend after the meeting and we would GLADLY appreciate and welcome any of your studio members to  attend."

If you would like to attend the masterclass, that would be fine by me. I know both of them and they are fantastic performers.

And don't forget that Thursday is the Central Foundation concert in Staples. I shouldn't have to remind you that this is a required concert.

Freshmen and Sophomores - I will have your jury info (scales, sophomore self-prepared piece) completed by noon today. I will put them on my bulletin board, so please stop by and pick it up.

Dr. Cox