Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Studio Class- 21 Sept. 2010

Just a reminder, you do not need to bring instruments to studio class today. We will be having a visitor, Neal Corwell, who will be performing and giving us a masterclass. Neal is a good friend, great performer and composer. To read up on Dr. Corwell, please visit his site:

We are in room 230 today.

Thank you,
Dr. Cox

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Sunday's Masterclass

Please remember that Sunday's concert and masterclass with Randy Hawes and George Curran are required events (See Dr. Lindahl's email sent out on September 3rd for more information). On top of that, it should be a fantastic concert that most low brass players around the country would die to go to.

Unfortunately for me, I will not be there. Sarah and I are in the hospital (and have been in here since Thursday) and will MAYBE get out tomorrow afternoon (Sunday). She had an anaphylactic reaction to one of her cancer shots and is still have allergic reactions to it. Hopefully I will see all of you sometime on Monday.


Dr. Cox

Friday, September 10, 2010

Friday (9.10.10) - Out of office

Hello all.
Change of plans. I will NOT be in today (Friday, 10 Sept. 2010) to my office. Sarah had a major allergic reaction at clinic yesterday to one of her medicines and ended us up in the hospital for an overnight stay. She is still having reactions, which means we will most likely be here another night. If you need me, please email me. If it is an EMERGENCY, then call my cell phone.
Have a great day.

Dr. Cox

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Studio Class- 7 Sept. 2010

Change in Tuba/Euph ensemble location for today. We are in Staples Recital Hall instead of room 231. See you there.

Dr. Cox