Friday, October 31, 2014

Dropbox and my solo music

As some of you know, I've decided to try a new way of getting solo music out of my studio and into your hands. Since I am scanning most of my music for the ITEA S&E project, it dawned on me that this would be an easier(?) way of getting music to you. Here is what I trying:

- When you want music, come into my office and look through the music just as you did in the past.
- When you find the music you want, put the title/composer on a Post-It and give it to me.
- If the music is already scanned, then I will place it in your Dropbox folder (more on that in a minute). You can then access the folder on any device, any where. It will ONLY be the solo, no piano part (if applicable). You will have a few days to download and/or print the music. After several days of it residing in your folder, I will then remove it.
- I will also place permanent items in your Dropbox folder as well, including, scale sheets, scale checkoff sheets, fingering charts, possible excerpt, etc. These items can stay in the folder as long as you want. That way, when you lose one (or more) of these items, you can reprint or download them from the folder.

You will no longer need to sign them out and have me get upset for holding on to the music for months at a time. You WILL still need to sign out mouthpieces, the Zoom, visualizers, etc. on the old sheets.

Now, as to Dropbox. First of all, it is free!!! You will have two options to view items in your Dropbox folder:

1) you will be getting an email notification from them that something has been "shared" in your folder. You can look at these items with smartphone, tables and computers - but that is all you can do, one at time, using the link(s) that they sent you. You can't see anything else (at the same time) in the folder.

Next Option:

2) You will be getting a REFERRAL from Dropbox...from ME...asking to join and create an account with them for free. If you decide to do this option, then you can see everything (at the same time) in that folder. IF you decide to start a Dropbox account, PLEASE, PLEASE, use the referral that I sent. Each time one of you starts an account with my referral, I get ANOTHER 500MB of space for free. This, in turn, will allow me to put more and more (duets, trios, quartets, etc.) on the site for your access. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO GET AN ACCOUNT, but it helps both you and me. If you don't understand how Dropbox works, I would be glad to give you a demonstration. I have had my account for several years and not used it. Now, I am doing a ton with it. One can store: photos, videos, PDF forms, MSWord and Excel documents. Then one can share these with other people.

Example: Let's say you have to submit a video of yourself for an audition (Master's level). The video is 50MB. NO EMAIL program will let you send that big of a file through them. You could put it on Youtube, but if the other person has to download the video, it is not an easy process. Dropbox allows the person whom you've shared the video to either: view the video on their browser, or, easily download the file WITH NO COMPRESSION.

OK, that should be enough for now. Look for my referral. If you want the free account, then sign up. If not, then just throw it away.

Thanks in advance,
Dr. Cox

Tuba and Euphonium Dress Rehearsal

Studio, after spending quite a bit of time with Dan Koefoed yesterday during studio rehearsal time, we managed to FINALLY find a time for our dress rehearsal. The hall was completely booked with very little time available. I know a couple of you will have conflicts, so if you can't get out of them, then please come and see me. The day/date for our dress will be: November 17th (Monday), 7-10 pm. You have almost a month to review work schedules, classes, etc., please start working on them now. Mark it in your calendar.

Thank you,
Dr. Cox

Thursday, October 9, 2014

T/E Rehearsal cancelled

Due to today's faculty meeting (and other things), I am canceling today's rehearsal (Thursday - 10/9/14). Please take this time to practice either your music for the ensemble or for the forthcoming studio recital.

Dr. Cox