Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Studio Class - Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Good morning, everyone!

As to studio today, yes, we will have it. No, you do not need instruments. We have another masterclass to attend. This time by the principal and bass trombonists of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra. We will meet in Staples (again) at 11:00 am. The principal trombonist, Ken Thompkins, will hold his masterclass from 11:00am-12:00 pm. Then, Randy Hawes, bass trombonist (and CMU alum) will hold his masterclass from 12:00- 1:00 pm. You are REQUIRED to be at the 11-12 (Ken Thompkins) masterclass, and STRONGLY SUGGESTED to be at the 12-1 masterclass with Randy.

Also, don't forget that the concert at 8:00 pm tonight is also MANDATORY! It also counts as one of your Master Artist series concerts that we are requiring all students to attend.

On a side note, this morning, Sarah and I start off the day being interviewed (at 7:30 am!) by WCMU (a pre-recorded interview for broadcast on another day) about my ArtPrize entry. I'll let you know when they are going to air it.

One final note. Brett Bulka and Greg Lubbers, I need to move your lessons. Dr. Maurtua asked me late last week if I could coach the orchestral winds today (he has to be out of town). Let's talk this morning at the master class. I will also need to talk Keera, Jimmy and Josh about make-up lessons as well.

Thanks and see you all at 11:00 am in Staples.

Dr. Cox

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Studio Class cancellation (9/12/13)

Due to a faculty meeting at 11:00 am, with the president of the university attending it, I can't get away for our tuba/euph studio class/ensemble rehearsal. So, NO studio today - enjoy. BUT, don't forget about the 1:30 Al Vizutti masterclass tomorrow (Friday) - MANDATORY!

Dr. Cox

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

New Central Foundation Personnel

Congratulations to all of you who auditioned tonight for the open tuba and euphonium spots in Central Foundation. As to the two new probationary members of the group:
    - Euphonium: Greg Lubbers
    - Tuba: Josh Wilson

Everybody made me very proud tonight. All the auditioners stepped up and made the decisions very difficult!

Dr. Cox

CF Auditions and ITEC info

Good morning, everyone.

A couple of quick items:

1. CF auditions.
     I have not heard from anyone that tonight would be impossible for the CF auditions. We will start the auditions at 7:20 pm in room 231. I have assigned times for auditions (see below). If you do NOT want to audition (changed your mind), please let me know. If I have FORGOTTEN anyone, again, please let me know. And, if you have a time that you can't make, please switch with someone else. Here are the audition times:
     - 7:20: Sam Howell
     - 7:30: Keera Allen
     - 7:40 Katie Wiley
     - 7:50 Greg Lubbers
     - 8:00 Aurther Kimmons
     - 8:10 Joey Woolcox
     - 8:20 Mike Woodman

     - 8:30: Final discussion and decision making

Here is what you will need:
   - YOUR audition music
   - a 2 minute lecture on the history of your instrument
   - be ready for some sight-reading

And, as a reminder of protocol, CF members DO have the option NOT to fill a seat. IF this happens, then I rejoin the group as the fourth member. Do I want to do this, NO. Though, that is how CF originally started - 3 students and myself back in 1995.

2. ITEC 2014
  This year's ITEC is being held at Indiana University - a WHOLE lot closer than the last time - Austria. The music audition lists for this even are out and on the ITEA website. I have also printed the lists and put them on my bulletin board. There are a number of pieces that are identical to the Falcone list,. So, if you are going to audition for one, you should audition for the other as well.

3. Correct lesson sign-up times
 There are several of you who are signed up for the incorrect lesson time (amount).  Here is how it works:
   - If you want a 1/2 lesson, you sign up for the "A" category. Ex. 177A
   - If you want an hour lesson, or are a performance major and need the 4 credit (still one hour) lesson, then you need to sign up for the "B" or "C" category. Ex: 378B or 378C

There are three of you (at least) that are signed up for "A" lessons - 1/2 hour, and are signed up for an hour on my list. If this is not corrected with a bump card by the end of the week, I will be forced to switch your lesson time to a 1/2 hour. Here are the ones that have been brought to my attention so far:
    - Josh Razminas - signed up for 177A when it should be 177B
    - Brett Bulka - signed up for 178A when it should be 178B
    - Joey Woolcox - signed up for 378A when it should be 378B

Not signed up for lessons (yet):
    - Josh Wilson (it should be 378B if you want 1 hour lessons)

If you don't want one hour lessons, then just let me know and I will make the switch on the schedule. If you do want the hour lesson, then get a bump card going - TODAY. The university is really putting the pressure on us to get these things straightened out.

Also, if you need a credit to help you to stay full time, don't forget that you can sign up for MUS281, other know as chamber ensemble. This includes: Tuba and Euphonium ensemble, Central Foundation. quintets, quartets, small chamber ensembles, etc, are coached or conducted by a CMU professor.

4. Al Vizutti masterclass. As a gentle reminder, Al Vizutti will be giving a masterclass that is MANDATORY to attend. The info (time and date) are on the masterclass sheet that I handed out to you two weeks ago. If there is a class conflict, please set it up with the teacher that you need to miss the class. If I need to write the teacher, please let me know ASAP. A number of teachers do not mind students missing their class if another teacher writes an 'excuse' email.

Dr. Cox

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

CF Auditions et. al.

Good morning, studio.
I hope you had a restful Labor Day. The next break we will get is Thanksgiving. So, buckle up, heads down, and full steam ahead!

First of all, congrats to the Marching Band for a wonderful performance at the U of M game. And THANK YOU ALL for acting so professional throughout the day. That made me proudest of all. Even when the game was going, well, not so well, you all were at your best. And from the moment I got to the music building in the morning until I left when we got back at almost midnight, there wasn't a moment that I wasn't proud of being a Chippewa because of how you handled yourselves. CONGRATS!

Second, Central Foundation auditions. I WAS going to hold the auditions this week. After taking a little time to think about it, I want to have the auditions NEXT week. The euphoniums have band auditions today, so they will not have had as much quality time on the music as the tubas have had (yes, you've all had the same amount of time, but euphs have had to spend time on their audition music for Williamson). Once I talk with the current CF members about a date, I will get back to the rest of you. Here is the FINAL items needed for your audition (in this order):
     - All Major Scales (2 octaves)
     - Prepared CF music - to be performed with CF
     - 2 minute lecture on the history of your instrument
     - Sightreading with CF

Third, we ARE having Tuba/Euph ensemble rehearsal today at 11:00 am. BRING YOUR INSTRUMENT and be ready to play.

See you in a couple of hours.

Dr. Cox