Monday, July 18, 2011

Fall 2011 Studio Information

Hello all!!!

I hope you are having as great a summer as I am. After the craziest year of my life, things are starting to get back to normal. My family and I recently travelled to northeast for a three week vacation in Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Maine and New Hampshire. Stats for the vacation: 4,300 miles in the Insight, 7 ferries, 1 whale watching tour, 9 hotels, 5 lobster rolls, 1 hardshell lobster, 1 HAGAS (look it up), and more than 4,000 photos for the trek. We are now back at home and will be here until Falcone week (August 12-15).

Sarah, as of last Friday, just celebrated 1 year of remission from her Leukemia. That means, as long as she stays in remission, there will only be a single trip per month for chemo treatment until September, 2012. Much better than the 14,000+ miles and 37 days in the hospital that she and I had to do last year.

With that, I am so looking forward to getting back to my office and teaching. New things for me: I have OFFICIALLY stepped down as Advertising Coordinator for ITEA last week. I sent in my resignation and even had to write the job description for the group. This means that the only external group that I will be working with this year is Falcone as the Music Coordinator (I gave up my job as web designer last year with them).

This can be seen as both good and bad for you guys (more work for you=more knowledge). I will be focusing a lot of energy at the studio. Here is what I have in mind:
- Monday nights: non-required masterclasses discussing the basics - breathing, tonguing, mouthpiece buzzing, excerpts, etc. Open to all.
- Projects - I used to make the studio do a major project each semester, but somehow this faded away a couple of years ago. I will be starting this back up for the fall semester. Topics in the past: major teachers and their locations; pedagogy topics; recordings; composing a work for the T/E ensemble, etc.
- C. F. more local outings for the group. If you are interested in playing with C. F., please let me know by mid-August (via my account).

More things in the works that I is not ready for public consumption. So as you can see, my engines are charged, body rested, and ready to go. If you have any questions, you know how to find me. Stay cool and see you in just a few short weeks,

Dr. Cox